Amy Gerberry, MA, CEDS

Chief Executive Officer

Amy Gerberry

Amy was born and raised in Southern California but lived most of her adult life in Phoenix, Arizona.  Amy has been in the counseling field for 25 years specializing in eating disorders, having held licenses in several different states.  Amy has a tremendous passion for patients, families, and recovery.  The last 13 years, Amy has been stepping back from being a therapist and has been growing and developing in the leadership, program development, and business side of eating disorder treatment. Amy firmly believes in growing teams and programs grounded in clinical excellence and providing treatment that is evidence based. Amy takes advantage of any speaking or training opportunities to continue to grow clinicians in this consistently changing field. Amy has had the privilege of working with eating disorder experts and outstanding teams in the field across the country. Amy now calls home, her current position as CEO with Center for Hope of the Sierras in Reno, Nevada. Amy is very excited to be a part of this growing program.