Treatment for Depression & Eating Disorders

At Center for Hope of the Sierras, we recognize that you have a unique mix of talents and strengths. However, we also recognize that struggling with an eating disorder and co-occurring depression can limit you and prevent you from using your talents and strengths to the fullest degree. You may feel trapped in an endless cycle, perhaps wondering when or if, your life will improve. No matter how desperate you may feel, however, there is always hope. There is promise for a better future, and we want to help you finally live the life you deserve to be living. At Center for Hope, we are committed to helping you find freedom from your turmoil. You are talented and strong, and we would be honored to walk alongside you as you begin your journey towards healing.

If you are reading this page, you may be familiar with the profound and prolonged sense of sadness, lethargy, or guilt that can come along with battling depression. You may not participate in hobbies or activities that you used to enjoy, and you may feel tired or apathetic. Perhaps you are having trouble concentrating or making decisions, or are having thoughts about self-harm or death. If you identify with these symptoms, there is a chance that, in addition to an eating disorder, you are also experiencing depression.

Eating disorders, especially when they are present with co-occurring depression, can be exceptionally painful, but they can be successfully treated. At Center for Hope of the Sierras, we help you heal from the pain of these disorders and we are committed to working with you and supporting you through your journey towards achieving improved health.

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Types of Treatment Offered at Center for Hope of the Sierras

Since our opening in 2003, Center for Hope of the Sierras has become an expert in eating disorder treatment. Located in a beautiful, country-style home that is set in a quiet neighborhood, our small, intimate treatment setting is ideal for healing. Our 10-bed house features an open and spacious floor plan with several comfortable and cozy sitting areas, large covered porches, lush lawns, beautiful trees, and an outdoor fire circle. Our nationally-accredited residential and outpatient treatment programs serve adolescent and adult females, ages 16 and older, and our outpatient program also serves adolescent and adult males, ages 14 and older. Consistent with our highly-individualized approach to treatment, we are proud to provide vegetarian and vegan food options, and are able to accommodate the dietary needs of individuals with celiac disease.

We believe in helping you develop a balanced, joyful relationship with food, which is why our treatment program encourages mindful eating practices. We understand food to be fuel for our bodies, and we believe our bodies know how much and what kind of fuel they need. As such, we help you become attuned to your body so you can love and honor it with proper nourishment. We believe mindful eating is a powerful method of laying the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating practices.

If you feel that you are in crisis, or are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Our caring and compassionate staff, which includes counselors, therapists, social workers, nurses, a psychiatrist, an endocrinologist, and an internist, are here to help. Our treatment is multifaceted and customized to meet your needs, and may include the following interventions:

Medication management: Unfortunately, eating disorders are often accompanied by co-occurring depression. Center for Hope of the Sierras provides medication management services for those who require them, including weekly meetings with a psychiatrist and ongoing medication management provided by registered nurses.

Individual therapy: Individual therapy provides a place to continue the growth you experience during your stay at Center for Hope. You will receive three individual therapy sessions each week with your primary therapist.

Group therapy: Group therapy provides a place to grow alongside and find strength in others. Residential clients participate in two to three group therapy sessions each weekday, and these group therapy sessions are conducted by therapists and social workers. Group therapy topics may include:

  • ACT
  • Anxiety management
  • Body image
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • DBT
  • Family systems
  • Life skills
  • Mindful eating
  • Music and art appreciation
  • Process group
  • Recovery maintenance

Experiential therapies: Experiential therapies provide opportunities to engage in special activity-oriented interventions. At Center for Hope, you will have multiple opportunities to participate in experiential therapies every week. Experiential therapy options may include:

  • Cooking class
  • Creative expressions
  • Equine therapy (Nevada Assisted Equine Therapy is offered weekly.)
  • Massage
  • Music appreciation
  • Reiki
  • Yoga (once or twice per week)

In addition to the above interventions, you will work closely with our staff to create a discharge plan that best suits your needs. Discharge plans can include different options for aftercare, including our partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient programs (IOP), or other community-based interventions.

We are committed to helping you begin a successful journey to recovery. If you are struggling with depression and an eating disorder, give us a call. Today can be the first first of many where you have hope.

get confidential help now: 775.204.0680 Email Us