Nutritional Approach to Eating Disorders

We help our clients change their relationship with food for the better.

We help our clients change their relationship with food for the better.

Intuitive Eating
At Center for Hope of the Sierras, we follow the Intuitive Eating nutrition philosophy. Led by Dr. Lorraine Platka-Bird, our nutrition program teaches individuals to reconnect their bodies, minds and emotions, and listen to their internal hunger signals. With a gradual introduction to intuitive eating and self-portioning, individuals are prepared with the skills necessary to continue their recovery for a lifetime.

Home Cooking
At Center for Hope of the Sierras, all meals are prepared in-house daily. Unlike many cafeteria-style programs, clients dine family-style, and are exposed to the entire meal process from menu-planning to meal preparation. In addition, home-cooked meals are tailored to the dietary needs and preferences of our residents. While our staff will continue to challenge the eating disorder, we are able to accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, diabetic, and many other health or lifestyle dietary needs. Throughout treatment, our goal is to expose individuals to a wide variety of foods without labeling foods as either “good” or “bad.”

Cooking Classes
To further enhance the culinary experience, individuals participate in a weekly cooking class. This group gives individuals an opportunity to have fun while they explore their relationship with food and learn to re-frame their negative thoughts of food as an adversary, into positive thoughts of food as a tool for optimal health. Clients learn simple recipes and cooking techniques and gain an increased level of comfort with food interaction and preparation, which is a critical skill set for on-going recovery from their eating disorders.

Core Elements of the Nutrition & Culinary Experience

  • Individual sessions with our registered dietitian Lorraine Platka-Bird, Ph.D., RD
  • Nutrition education
  • Individualized meal planning
  • Weekly cooking classes
  • Restaurant lunch outings
  • “Make your own” lunch days
  • Snack challenges
  • Educational food shopping experiences
  • Exposure to a variety of food challenges and experiences that build basic skills and awareness
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