We offer a wide variety of treatment programs and options in order to provide an individualized recovery environment for everyone who chooses to heal with us

At Center for Hope of the Sierras, we believe those grappling with eating disorders are unique, creative, caring, and sensitive individuals who may struggle to find a connection with their true inner spirit.

About Our Philosophy

To recover from an eating disorder, each individual must develop a sense of his or her own spirit and self, and a belief that his or her emotions are valid, important, and worth noticing.

Our philosophy is that it is every individual’s right to define a sense of self. Our treatment program emphasizes the need for individuals to cope with the complex emotions that cause them to doubt this right. Our program also emphasizes the importance of taking care of one’s physical and psychological needs, which helps individuals experience themselves as valid and competent human beings.

At Center for Hope, individuals are encouraged to redefine life on their terms, rather than on cultural pressures to pursue a body size and shape that denies physical needs. Center for Hope of the Sierras offers treatment that is centered on a therapeutic alliance, the opportunity to explore and challenge negative or harsh thoughts and assumptions, as well as extensive opportunities for self-exploration, self-expression, and the development of new coping strategies. Clarity of mind and strength of body will begin to evolve as one’s sense of self begins to emerge. At this point, true healing can begin.

Individuals with eating disorders cannot build a sense of self when they feel trapped within their symptoms. Many people with eating disorders are able to temporarily stop engaging in self-destructive behaviors during short-term treatment in controlled settings, only to return to old patterns upon returning home. Though they have started to work through many important issues, they may not have fully unraveled the emotional distress fueling their condition. For this reason, we generally recommend a two to three month stay for clients to fully incorporate, embrace, and carry-out the many aspects of our treatment. Center for Hope of the Sierras offers step-down opportunities for treatment in the local community, or we will work with clients to pursue lower levels of care within their chosen community. Center for Hope of the Sierras also offers a free online recovery support through eGetgoing to assist in the individual’s return to daily life.

Custom Programs

Individual, multi-family therapy, family weekend visits, and conference call sessions (for long-distance families) are offered and encouraged to improve family dynamics in order to enhance the understanding of the illness.

Throughout the treatment process, the unique needs of each client are continually reassessed. We emphasize the importance of helping the individual view symptoms as part of the condition, which they are working to combat. We negotiate and/or adjust treatment implementation, anticipating that life stressors may illicit symptoms, all while working together with the individual to combat the illness through our array of treatment options.

Lifelong Support

At Center for Hope of the Sierras, we work with individuals to help them realize that upon leaving the program they will likely face many stressors and challenges to their lives. Though we provide them with tools to manage these challenges, we also work with clients to schedule follow-up treatment in their home community, and to develop support networks. While we encourage independence in our clients, we consider our availability to them to be life-long as we remain dedicated to helping them continue on their path to permanent recovery.

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They pay attention to what's unique about your individual eating disorder. I am so thankful I came here. They truly saved my life.

– Anonymous Client