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Center for Hope of the Sierras 8th Annual Symposium

Date:  October 19, 2018
Location:  Whitney Peak Hotel
Time:  8:00am- 5:00pm

$50.00 to attend Breakfast, snacks and Lunch provided

Dr. Ralph CarsonDr. Ralph Carson

Psychophysiology of Hope and Happiness: Insights into what recovery looks like using the brain as an atlas; 2 CEU

The roots of an addictive behavior often lie in the emotional and cognitive circuitry of the midbrain and cortex which operate to seek peace and avoid discomfort. As long as one continues to function within these stressed and distorted cognitive pathways, the disorder will be chronic and persist. This presentation provides insight as to what recovery looks like from a neuroscience perspective and elucidates how regeneration of the prefrontal cortex provides much needed hope for recovery.



The Influence of Nutrition on Brain Repair during Trauma Recovery; 2 CEU

Much like nutrition and strength training are interdependent while building muscles, what we eat has a significant influence on how the brain heals during recovery from trauma. The brain only has so much reserve. The combination of abuse and neglect (trauma and poor eating habits) takes an even further toll on mental function.

Dr. Marcella RaimondoDr. Marcella Raimondo

Healing and Liberation from eating disorders: Working with LGBTQQIA folks with eating disorders; 2 CEU

Eating Disorders treatment programs, advocates and clinicians need to work together to ensure all individuals with eating disorders can access safe and intersectional treatment options needed for recovery. Queer people, transgender people, gender nonconforming people have high rates of eating disorders and disordered eating yet difficulty with treatment access. The talk will ask participants to be reflective and thoughtful as we ask ourselves how we can move forward to ensure eating disorders treatment equity for queer folks.

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