Life-Changing Eating Disorder Treatment

Why Choose Center for Hope

Our philosophy is that it is the individual’s right to define a sense of self. Our treatment program emphasizes the need for individuals to cope with the complex emotions that cause them to doubt this right, and highlights the importance of taking themselves and their physical and psychological needs seriously.

Specialized Programs

Center for Hope’s life-changing treatment programs features various levels of care including partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs. Our approach to eating disorder treatment and recovery focuses on helping each client remove the dieting mentality and develop an intuitive, mindful eating philosophy. We instill in our clients a desire to honor their own bodies by proving them with the nourishment needed to be healthy.

Admissions Process

If you or someone close to you would like to learn more about Center for Hope, or would like to begin treatment at our center, our admissions team can be accessed during normal business hours to review the details of our programming and start the intake process. During your first conversation with our staff, you can confidentially discuss your presenting concerns, and begin completing our initial admissions assessment. Additionally, if you so choose, you can come to our center to speak with a member of our admissions team in-person.